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Our credit card processor stopped working on Friday, November 11th, but is up and running again now, Sunday, November 13th. We are sorry for the inconvenience and especially to our customers who experienced credit card declines. The pay-by-check feature is also available in our shopping cart and will save you even more money. Please call us between 10am – 2pm on Monday – Wednesday if you have additional questions. Thank you for you patience and understanding!


Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our first day of ticket sales! The earliest arrival available on Wednesday – Group A (noon) has sold out. There are still tickets available for Group B (2pm) and Group C (4pm) arrival on Wednesday, May 24th. Group A was the most limited of the three, with more tickets offered in Group B. Group C is limited only to the total amount of camping tickets, so anyone who wants to buy a ticket to arrive on Wednesday night can do so as long as there are camping tickets available, and any camping ticket of a lesser length can now be upgraded to include Wednesday night. Do not forget to use coupon code SMF23 for 10% off your adult camping ticket total.

It is so nice to start this sales season with so much of the Spring Lineup already in place. We truly enjoy this annual tradition of talking to so many of you on the phone and being connected to the greater Strawberry community. We appreciate each and every opportunity we have to gather together, more than ever before. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Buy tickets 24/7 online or call the office M-W, 10-2 at (209) 984-8630

Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival

May 24 – 29

Nevada County Fairgrounds

Grass Valley

CAMPING TICKETS ON SALE 11/8 AT 10AM  – Reduced Price + 10% Coupon for Adult Tickets!

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th at 10am, camping tickets to the Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival will be available to purchase online 24/7 or by calling the office at (209) 984-8630 from 10am – 2pm on Mondays – Wednesdays. Ticket types and prices are posted on the Ticket Information page of our website. Prices have been reduced from last year and an additional 10% discount is available until January 10th on all adult camping ticket types.

Use promo code SMF23 to redeem the discount on adult camping tickets.

This year, early arrival will take place on Wednesday and will be split into three groups with staggered arrival times. We start our sales day tomorrow with a very limited number of 5-Night Adult Camping – Group A tickets, allowed to arrive at 12noon on Wednesday, May 24th, along with our festival staff. There are slightly more of the next 5-Night Adult Camping – Group B tickets available, with an arrival of 2pm on Wednesday. The remaining group of 5-Night campers can arrive at 4pm on Wednesday and is limited only to the total number of camping tickets available. Any adult camping ticket of lesser length can be upgraded to include 5 nights, either in advance of the festival or during Box Office business hours. The Box Office, and festival gates, will open officially at 4pm on Wednesday, May 24th.

Please be willing to adhere to Strawberry’s complete list of Terms and Rules which are subject to change. Day tickets without camping will be available later in the season. Reserved RV Sites with hook-ups will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday, December 6th. This year’s RV Site map and guidelines will be posted later this month. Let us know if you have questions by calling the office or by email at

Stay tuned for more lineup announcements and festival news. We cannot wait to see you there!


We are very excited to share the following artists are confirmed to perform at the Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival:

Camping tickets for the Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival go on sale at 10:00 am on Tuesday, November 8th. For more information, visit our website. Please stay tuned for ticket types, prices, and details to be posted soon. Be the first to receive news and promotions by signing up for Strawberry email announcements.

Listen to Strawberry’s Spring Playlist for an auditory sampling of the festival to come.

Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival
May 25 – 29
Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


October 21, 2022

Greetings Festival Friends!

We are so happy to be back in touch with exciting news about next year’s Spring 2023 Strawberry Music Festival, scheduled for May 25 – 29 at Nevada County Fairgrounds.

Tickets for next year’s Spring Festival will go on sale at 10:00am on Tuesday, November 8th. Ticket prices and details will be posted in advance of ticket sales and our first big lineup announcement will be made on Tuesday, November 1st. Reserved RV Sites with hook-ups will go on sale at 10:00am on Tuesday, December 6th. RV Site guidelines and prices for 2023 will be posted later in November.

It was so amazing to be together again at last year’s Spring Festival after such a long time apart. We are really looking forward to seeing those of you who could not be there with us in person. While it was difficult on so many levels, the long break between festivals also gave us an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and make a few changes, such as the new locations of the main stage and our entry procedure. We are so excited to fine tune the new layout and continue to make improvements to the overall Strawberry experience. As always, we welcome your feedback on this and any other festival related topic as we begin the preparations for next year’s gathering. Feel free to fill out our festival survey or email us at

Thank you so much for your support. We hope to see you there!


On the Music Meadow at the Spring 2022 Strawberry Music Festival -photo by Tim Konrad

July 25, 2022

Better late than never! Photos taken by our pro team of festival photographers at the Spring 2022 Strawberry Music Festival are finally posted to the website. We just created a brand new gallery to store and organize all of these great snapshots in time, and eventually all of our past festival photos will be posted there too.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot possibly see or experience everything that happens at Strawberry and these photos a wonderful reminder and affirmation of all the fun that was had, memories that were made, and music that was played during our 40th anniversary festival. We are so grateful to everyone who participated and cannot wait to do it again in just 303 days!


Strawberry office staff is in the final phase of Spring 2022 post festival wrap up and the office will be closed for the summer, starting on Thursday, July 14th. You can still reach us if you have a question about Lost & Found from this year’s Spring Festival. We will be checking messages and returning calls regularly at (209) 984-8630 and at

We have really enjoyed reading all the surveys completed both during and after the Spring Festival. You can still share your input by filling out the Spring 2022 Survey online. We are so anxious to use your feedback to make additional improvements to the festival experience. Please also note that there are still unclaimed Lost & Found items. Photos from the Spring 2022 Strawberry Music Festival are being processed now and will be posted soon.

After three years off it was amazing and magical to be able to gather again with the Strawberry community. We are so grateful to all involved and in attendance and are looking forward to seeing you again next year!


Dancin’ John on the Music Meadow for AJ Lee and Blue Summit at S22 Strawberry Music Festival by Robin Frenette

We are shocked to hear the sad news that Dancin’ John Lonczak danced off to that big festival in the sky this last week. The Strawberry office and community offers our deepest condolences to his family and immense circle of friends and admirers.
Dancin’ John was a staunchly vocal advocate for dancers’ rights at festivals near and far, and he danced his truth for more hours, of more days, in more places, and at more festivals than anyone else we know. A fiercely independent and retired tech engineer, Lonczak tailored his entire lifestyle around doing what he loved to do. His sacred steps were a rhythmic tribute to physical activity, endurance, and connectivity. He danced at every single Strawberry Music Festival to this date, including the one that just passed. 
His absence is being felt acutely right now throughout an entire region and calendar of intersecting festival communities. It is just not going to be the same without him, but the legend of the bearded gentle giant known as Dancin’ John will be impossible to forget. He will be remembered every time we feel our feet connecting with the earth through the soles of our shoes. In fact, we are pretty sure that a nearly-continuous year-long remote relay of dance is already underway.
May you dance in peace dear friend….

Dancin’ John on the Music Meadow for AJ Lee and Blue Summit at S22 Strawberry Music Festival by Robin Frenette

Dancin’ John on the Music Meadow for AJ Lee and Blue Summit at S22 Strawberry Music Festival by Robin Frenette
Dancin’ John on the Music Meadow for AJ Lee and Blue Summit at S22 Strawberry Music Festival by Robin Frenette


At long last, the Strawberry community finally reunited this past Memorial Day weekend, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Four generations of family and friends gathered for five glorious days in the spirit of kindness, cooperation, and consideration for others. We are grateful beyond words for the love and support we received.

Our office has just re-opened for business and our office staff can be reached Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 2pm at (209) 984-8630 or We are still in the process of unpacking this past Spring Festival, both literally and figuratively. Thank you for your patience while we return to normal business mode and begin to address the following post-festival wrap up items:

  • Lost & Found:  The transport of Info Booth supply including Lost and Found has been delayed, so we will not be able to process found belongings until next week. Please let us know if you lost something and haven’t already submitted a lost and found form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Problem Box (tickets lost/stolen/left at home):  Customers who left their tickets at home can avoid the gate charge by mailing unused tickets to the office postmarked by Monday, June 20th. Tickets that were lost or stolen will be reviewed and reconciled in the order they were received, and customers will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Surveys:  Thank you for your patience regarding all of the big changes that were implemented at this past festival. We are so excited to read your surveys and receive your input as we work together to improve the festival experience each and every year. If you did not have a chance to do so at the festival, or just have something to add, please click here fill out Strawberry’s Spring 2022 Survey.
  • COVID-19 Policy & Ticket Exchange:  Patrons who did not attend due to illness are eligible to exchange for tickets to next year’s festival. Customers who uploaded a positive COVID-19 test result to CrowdPass are eligible to receive a refund of their ticket value. To request a refund or exchange of Spring 2022 tickets per Strawberry’s COVID-19 policy please mail unused tickets, and a brief explanation, to the Strawberry office by June 30, 2022. Thank you for your consideration of others and willingness to cooperate with Strawberry’s COVID-19 policy.
  • No Fall 2022 Strawberry:  Strawberry’s Fall Festival is on hold for the time being while we assess the risk from the changing fire climate in California, and so we can put all our effort into making one annual event the best it can be.
  • Donations:  You may have noticed how money came pouring into the Info Booth after Steve Poltz’s spontaneous call for donations to the local fire department, during his Main Stage set on Sunday afternoon. It came as quite a surprise to us, as well as to the firefighters manning Grass Valley Fire Department Station 1 when we dropped off the $899 cash contribution after the festival ended. Thank you all, and especially to Steve Poltz, for allowing us to be the ambassador of your goodwill!

It is clear that the Strawberry Way is alive and well. Whether you were there in person, or with us in spirit, we can all continue to embrace the energy that culminated at this year’s Strawberry Music Festival after four decades in the making. We hope your festival experience was as memorable as ours and look forward to seeing you in 2023!


1-Day tickets for Saturday, May 28th are now sold out for this year’s Spring Strawberry. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm

Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 1-Day tickets, as well as most adult Camping ticket types are still available for a limited time. Tickets can be purchased online 24/7 or by calling the office M-F, 10-4 at (209) 984-8630.