I Want to be a … Performer, Vendor or Volunteer

Performer Inquires

Performers interested in playing the Strawberry Music Festivals are welcome to submit CD’s and promo packs any time of the year. Booking for the festivals begins in October and is completed near the middle of February. Please mail submissions to:

Strawberry Music Festivals
P.O. Box 664
Jamestown, CA 95327
Attn: Charlie Cran

Or send your electronic submissions to

Food Vendor Inquires

Food vendors are welcome to submit information to the Strawberry Music Festivals office throughout the year. The festival does not have a standard application. If you are interested in being considered as a vendor, please send a packet of information that includes:

  • Your menu.
  • Your prices for all items sold.
  • A description of your physical set-up which includes the size of the booth/vehicle and its dimensions, the support vehicles you bring with you (examples: transport vehicle, refer truck, additional storage vehicles, etc.).
  • Your electrical requirements (Please include the equipment type requiring electricity and the amperage needed).
  • Your contact information during regular business hours.
  • Pictures of your booth are very helpful.

Additional Information: Space in the concession area is very limited and there is rarely an opening for new concessionaires. Strawberry does not duplicate vendor food types, for example, we have one Mexican, Italian, Greek, coffee, booth, etc. If your product seems like it might be compatible with the rest of the food court, will communicate further with you. If your product is not compatible, we will keep your information on file, in case there is ever an opening in the Food Court.

Please mail or email vendor submissions to:

Strawberry Music Festivals
P.O. Box 664
Jamestown, CA 95327
Attn: Vendor Coordinator

Strawberry Artisan Inquires

Strawberry Artisans feature a wide variety of hand-crafted items including jewelry, clothing, glassware, pottery, shoes, textiles, fine art prints, metal sculpture and more. No imports are accepted, only artisans who do their own work and are available to represent that work at the festivals. If you would like to be considered as a vendor in the Strawberry Artisans booth, please contact us via email.

Volunteer Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Strawberry Music Festival.  There are lots of different volunteer opportunities for the Spring Festival in 2019 and no matter the position, we are looking for crew members who are punctual, responsible, honest, take pride in their work, and realize the importance of representing Strawberry as volunteer staff.   If you are that person, please fill out the 2019 Volunteer Application.