Rock In Road

Rock in Road is a 501(c)3 that was formed in 2015 to focus on projects that benefit the Strawberry community. Rock In Road’s mission is to enhance The Strawberry Way at the festival and extend the Strawberry Way into the greater world. To that end, Rock In Road has recently piloted a return of the Breakfast Club to its full glory, is attempting to eliminate plastic waste at the festival drink booth (Strawberry Way Cafe), and has raised tens of thousands of dollars in support of youth music and local band programs through annual fundraisers, such as the Band Stand concert/dinner and the DeLacy Memorial Golf Tournament. Rock In Road welcomes new volunteers and is always looking for new opportunities to fulfill its mission and provide support to our Folk traditions and way of life.

Rock In Road’s own website is currently under development. In the meantime you can scroll down to learn more about what Rock In Road is doing, click here to get involved/volunteer, and/or Like them on Facebook for more news about upcoming projects and events.


Many members of this community have asked how they can support Strawberry. Rock In Road is accepting your tax deductible contributions to be used to support the value of all tickets purchased to the canceled Spring 2020 Strawberry Music Festival, and the ticket holder community, in general.

Send your donation to Rock In Road, P.O. Box 1412, Jamestown, CA 95327 or

BAND STAND – Standing up for youth music!

Rock In Road has been hosting the annual Band Stand fundraiser, since 2017 and has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support youth music and buy instruments for local school band programs. The Band Stand event is a day of family friendly fun, including music, food, and silent auction, which is usually held in October at the Sheriff’s Posse Grounds in Jamestown, CA.


In honor of the Doo Doo Wah Open founded by the late, great Ron DeLacy, Rock In Road holds this annual event to raise money for scholarships to be awarded to local music students. This tournament is all about having fun, while raising money for a good cause, so normal rules of play do not apply and in our version of golf, the worst player can easily win the day. Music, dinner, and awards ceremony round out this zaney event that usually takes place in the fall.

The Strawberry Way Cafe

Rock In Road runs the Strawberry Way Cafe, which is the place to get non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, ice, and information about Rock In Road, at the festival. There’s always something fun to do at the Strawberry Way Cafe. Rock In Road plans to help the Strawberry community to eliminate single use plastic at the festival.

The Breakfast Club

New for 2019, The Breakfast Club has returned to its full glory, at the festival, thanks to Rock In Road. Breakfast is back and so is the sing-for-your-morning-supper tradition, at this popular Hog Ranch Radio broadcast and family friendly open mic, done Strawberry style. Now, and once again, you can hear the sweet sounds of silver ware clanking against plates as festival goers take to the dining hall stage. Sales from the purchase of our delicious and nourishing breakfast fare help to support Rock In Road and its other projects.

Spring 2022

Strawberry Music Festival
May 26th - 30th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival

Tuolumne, CA