Hog Ranch Radio

Communitycasting live at the Strawberry Music Festivals since 1985, The Strawberry Hog is the pioneer voice of the campground.

Check out this gem recently uploaded from the archives: Thom O’Hair’s Reports: Adventures with Mr. Fire

HOG RANCH RADIO 68“Keep Tuned and Berry On” -Post Broadcast Report

Because of your support, the Hog Ranch Radio broadcast “Keep Tuned and Berry On” was a resounding success! More than 1000 people tuned in over the course of the broadcast and almost 200 listeners requested a free QSL card to commemorate the occasion. Many charitable donations made to Rock In Road have helped to offset the cost of the special Strawberry retrospective. The feedback was so positive and the whole thing seemed to be really well received. This was the first time we have done anything quite like it, so there were definitely a few glitches along the way. We hope that the live, live nature of things added to the magic and that you felt as connected to us, as we did to you. This project was deeply meaningful to all involved and we are so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity.


In particular, we would like to thank the small group of volunteers who made this broadcast a reality. We could not have done it without the enthusiastic participation of Hog Ranch Radio engineers, programmers, and DJs: Dave Buzz Barnett, Bix Beeman, Lisa SeaShanty Bryant, Stu Grossman, Luke Hess, Marty Lefkowitz, Margie Kay, Gregg McVicar, David Ogelvy, Tim Pozar, Felton Pruitt, and Christa Taylor. Rock In Road’s sponsorship was absolutely crucial, and Board members, Jodi Barnett, Mark Curfman, Tom Jepson, Tim McCaffrey, Becky Roberts, and Jessica Shapiro also provided necessary support throughout the event. Strawberry volunteers who helped to make the broadcast possible are Fred Carter, Charlie Cran, Roy Doehring, Steve Lavine, Jimmy Lipscomb, and Mitch Third. Your story and song contributions really made the moment and we especially appreciate the wide level of community participation!

There is SO much more Hog Ranch Radio history, lore, photos, audio, and artwork that will be shared here once it is properly archived. Thank you and stay tuned!

Spring 2025

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 26th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival