Welcome to our new Community pages—many of which are still under development. This section of the website is dedicated to the Strawberry community and is meant to act as an archive for any and all media that tells our unique story and preserves our festival community.

There are almost 70 festivals worth of material in existence, and we hope to share as much of it as possible here. As with most things Strawberry, there was also a live and in-person component to this digital museum at the Spring 2021 Festival in the Main Street center. Many of the items displayed here, were available to view there.

We have just now begun the long process of digitizing some of Strawberry’s older collection of media, including photos, flyers, mailers, posters, calendars, tickets, t-shirts, program pages, audio and video recordings, and historical presentations. These pages will remain a work-in-progress—there is a lot more material to be added, and we keep making new memories each year. Check back every now and again to see what’s new!

Longtime Strawberry storyteller BZ Smith tells her final retirement story to begin the Sunday morning Revival at the Spring 2019 Festival.
Felton Pruitt interviews Bix Beeman and Jodi Barnett on KVMR 5/22/20
Utah Phillips and Rita Hosking

Stay tuned for more odds and ends, and hopefully gems, to surface on this page soon!