Thank you so much for your support of the Spring 2019 Strawberry Music Festival. Whether you were there in body, spirit, and/or mind, you made the magic that happens at Strawberry come to life once again. What we really want to know is this; how was it for you? Do you have a highlight to share? Yours is the Strawberry story that matters the most!

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Happy Stories from Sarah:


Strawberry is such a magical place. My 10-year old son went down to buy hot chocolate one morning and lost the $16 change on the way back to camp. Someone found it and instead of keeping the cash, turned it in to the lost and found. When we went to ask if someone happened to turn in a lost $16.00 cash, we in no way expected the answer to be yes, but someone had indeed turned in the money.  It was the most amazing lesson for my son to learn and I’m so proud to be able to teach him the “strawberry way”.


Strawberry Feedback from Barb and Howard:
Hello, folks. We have done many Strawberry music Festivals at Camp Mather from ‘89-2004. We decided to try the ‘new’ venue at Grass Valley this year. We were delighted! Dare we say we had a better experience than the RV corral in the cow dung at Camp Mather?
We arrived Thursday am and were quite surprised how many camping places were filled or blocked off. It was a bit of a panic, then lovely volunteers on golf carts reassured us and said “you paid for a spot, we will find you a spot.”
Flat, near the music meadow, near bathrooms, everything we needed for our 21 ft van conversion.
Line up was fantastic, we were introduced to some new bands we didn’t know, and got to hear some beloved ones, especially Laurie Lewis and Marleys Ghost.
Hey, and better weather – hey, it only rained on Sunday not snowed!
Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who pulled off a great weekend for us! Much appreciated.


From Peace Dove:


The $50 extra for coming in on Tuesday was absurd,I’m handicap and I come in with my husband who VOLUNTEERS and always does more than his hours.

I even folded Hog ranch shirts ALL morning till the lunch break at one o’clock.
 My experience was that of ,I ALWAYS PAY FOR MY FULL FESTIVAL TICKET for 30 years +  !!
 Tuesday’s charge left me without money for any CDs or food.Then this takes away from  support for them.
Music was great loved the whole concert❣❣❣




2019 Strawberry Music Festival from Karl:


Hello Strawberry peeps,
This was my 5th year. This has become a family fun fun yearly tradition and I had a wonderful time as usual. My family wore the unique Strawberry beanies that got comments from all over Strawberry including from the Banana Slugs as they ended their performance on Saturday in the Revival meadow. They were down right in front of the stage dancing and were thanked by the group for their participation. They are the ones who deemed them the Strawberry Hat gang.
Thank you for another remarkable Strawberry Memorial weekend!!!!!  


Strawberry Input From a Volunteer from Geoff:

I had a great experience helping setup the  Strawberry Spring 2019 show. Later to experience the show I felt pride in knowing I was part of the effort it took to make it a success. The faculty of which I was part of, were warm, friendly and nurturing. Looking now at the event in the rear view mirror, I look forward to contributing my time and efforts for festivals yet to come.


Feedback from Celise:


I so value all the traditions that have followed Strawberry wherever it ends up. The family and kid safe atmosphere is so appreciated.


Spring 2019 from Janet:

Hello Strawberry staff—
These pictures show so much of the heart of Strawberry for me…
Friends Bill (guitar) and Jack (mandolin) are teaching my son-in-law Alec (on melodica, he’s a jazz pianist) fiddle tunes so the around-the-clock jams in our camp have even more fuel.  My daughter Katie is videotaping; she’s been coming to Strawberry since birth.  The redhead is Olivia, a friend of Katie’s and Alec’s from Texas; she’s a singer/songwriter/mandolin player, new to Strawberry but an instant perfect fit.  Friends Toni and Bob are so dear to me, and I never would have found them except for the great good fortune of camping next to them by the basketball court at Mather.  Everybody but Olivia has been working the festival for years.  This is just a small sample of our Strawberry gang, but you get the idea.  Multi-generational, loving, supportive…. lessons in music and kindness and life.
This Spring I loved loved loved We Banjo 3, and always love the California Honeydrops.  Great lineup all around.
Thanks again for a wonderful festival!


Spring Berry from Kim:


Hi-  since you asked, overall we had a  great time!  Highlights were Molly Tuttle,  Marty Stuart watching Crying Uncle on the little stage and taking photos after, and We Banjo Three in the Ponderosa!!! Wow they were all great!!!!  Weather was a bummer and flat camping spaces were hard to find for tents.  We miss the gyros for food option.  As always the strawberry 🍓 spirit was strong and we had a lot of fun.  Just really wish you could get back to Mather!  Thanks for another great event!  Kim


Spring 2019 from Sandy:

We had a great time in spite of the wet weather.  The line up of bands was spectacular!  We will be back next spring as we have been for many years.  We started going in 1984 and our kids grew up at Strawberry.  My son now has his own Americana/ bluegrass band of original music.  What does it take for his band to get consideration to play at Strawberry music?
Thank you,
Sandy Williams


Great Disability Spot from Vicki:


We enjoyed the festival, rain and all.

My comment: Thank you for disability area near the middle of the field. It was nice to have enough room to maneuver without getting into anyone’s way. The volunteers were helpful when one of us fell.



Festival Response from Patrick:


Frankly, I was disappointed in the quality of talent this year. I’ve been going to this festival since 1987 and this festival was the least satisfying talent so far.  I would rather see better talent do multiple sets at different times than lots of so-so  talent.  My 2 cents worth.


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