By the time the festival rolls around it will have been a full three years since the Strawberry family has been together. Those 36 months have been full of challenges and change. And loss. Loss has been a regular part of life for the Strawberry family, but in normal times we have been able to gather again after three months or nine months to remember and grieve together. Because of the current three-year hiatus, Strawberry staff would like to create an informal video tribute to those who have been lost since the last festival in spring, 2019. The looping video will be shared inside at the “Northern Mines” building, beginning after the Revival on Sunday, and will play continuously through the end of the last act that night.

If you have someone who has passed and you would like to honor them in this video please submit images and text by May 15th to

We request the following:

  • Their name and/or nickname.
  • Between 1 and 10 digital images, preferably including pictures of them from past festivals.
  • What was their first festival? Their last festival?
  • Were they patrons or volunteers? If volunteer what was their role?
  • What was their camp affiliation?
  • What is some information that sheds light on their Strawberry experience (e.g. favorite part of Strawberry or instruments played)?

Thank you in advance for your help with this project. We look forward to seeing you in May.

Spring 2025

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 26th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival