Rusty relics of Westside

There are more rusty relics and artifacts of ancient times than we could possibly share, at Westside and around Tuolumne. As time allows, we’ll be unpacking some of the historical features that are unique to the Fall Strawberry site. The Westside Flume and Lumber Co. was the last fully operational narrow gauge logging operation in the West and there are still remnants of Tuolumne’s richly layered past everywhere. If you are a history or railroad enthusiast, this place is sure to fascinate. To learn more and see the beautiful vestiges of days gone by, plan to visit the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum, open every weekend from 1pm – 4pm. We’re excited for the story of Westside to continue to unfold; before, during and after at the festival, as we add a new chapter to an old tale. Stay tuned for more on the history, wildlife, and geography of Westside plus tons more fun facts about the Fall Festival to follow.



Spring 2025

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 26th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival