Based out of Santa Cruz, California, The Puffball Collective consistently performs extended musical journeys crafted to lift you up.  We present this music to scintillate your souls, soar your spirits, groove your bodies, and bounce your booties, sending all to “Higher Ground”. "We’ll take you there" by performing the kickin' music of The Allman Brothers, The new Mastersounds, The Grateful Dead, Peter Rowan, Puffball'ized Bob Dylan, Sly Stone, Billy Preston, The Band, & The Beatles! The Puffball Collective also features an amazing catalogue of original compositions ranging from acid jazz to freaky funk, Americana to bluegrass, rock~a~billy to sweet soul, and blues to psychedelic rockers”.

Doug "Dirt" Greenfield: Bass, Vocals 
“Puffdaddy”Doug "Dirt" Greenfield is a bassist, singer , dancer and provocateur of joyful noise. Performs in the Banana Slug String Band (31 years), Slugs and Roses(10 years) , & The Intangibillies (5 years)! He has gathered this de-light-full musical collective to help all to reach their highest puffball dancing potential.  Doug is the heart and founder of the Puffball Collective. 

Lachlann Kane: Keyboards, Vocals
“Pladapuff”Lachlann’s piano style (think Leon Russel and Jerry Lee Lewis) and organ style ( think Garth Hudson) make him a great addition to any rock band.  And the high vocal harmonies are a PLUS! The Santa Cruz native plays with Jim Lewin’s Edge of the West, as well as Scott Cooper’s Barrelmakers and the DB Walker Blues Band. 

Marc Sveen: Guitar, Vocals 
"Sparclpuff"Marc Sveen's musical journey began with a medley of punk, classical, jazz, and classic rock, eventually leading him to the grooves of funk, the twang of bluegrass, and the ethereal vibes of psychedelic jams. Inspired by this eclectic mix, Marc embarked on a sonic exploration.  As a Key member of the Collective and through his project,, he continues to blend these diverse influences, crafting music that defies norms and tickles the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.

Fred Rodriguez: Guitar
Fred is a skilled guitarist whose musical journey has seen him contribute to various bands, including Rosebud, Redwood Express, and The Puffball Collective, where his talents stand out prominently. Known for his ability to blend grounded rhythms with emotive melodies, Rodriguez brings a distinctive flair to each ensemble he joins. his guitar work is characterized by its authenticity and soulfulness, resonating deeply with audiences. In The Puffball Collective, Rodriguez's role is significant, as he not only adds depth with his guitar but also lends his angelic vocals to the band's ethereal soundscapes. His stage presence and charismatic persona further enrich their performances, captivating audiences with his genuine passion for music. With a career marked by creativity, dedication, and a unique musical voice, Fred Rodriguez continues to make an impact, inspiring both fellow musicians and listeners alike.

Paul Garcia: Drums 
“Snap crackle Puff”Paul is living the dream behind his vintage Slingerland drums. Hailing from the rich Southern California music scene, Paul's first bands tended toward the punk/surf variety. Paul's diverse musical tastes pretty much run the entire gamut of the music spectrum, with a specific affinity for the music of the Grateful Dead. After moving to Monterey in 1997 Paul worked with the Santa Cruz based band Phicus for a number of years. Eventually settling near the beach in Santa Cruz, a wide range of musical opportunities have kept him very busy doing what he loves, simply making great music with great people.  Paul turns up on the drum chair for such diverse bands as the Banana Slug String Band (doing kids 'edutainment' music) and plays straight-up Grateful Dead tunes with Slugs and Roses and Spirit of ‘76. Paul has also branched into the bluegrass-tinged hybrid styling of Groove Grass and the Intangibillies and Americana with Amee Chapman & the Velvet Tumbleweeds and also West by Southwest.

Gary Kehoe: Percussion
Gary has been drumming at the forefront of world music in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area for decades.Gary studied music with the groundbreaking world music, improvisational group Oregon for three summers at the Naropa Institute in the late 70’s , and has played with many Bay Area groups, including Sambada, The California Honeydrops, Special Fun, Banana Slug String Band, Santa Cruz Steel,Sol Circle, master drummer Babatunde Olatunji, RCA Recording Artists Opa Fire, Sol Caribe, Chi Mizu, to name a few(several).  Gary’s favorite color is blue and feels that lasagna rules!

Spring 2024

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 27th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival