Honey Run brings a fun mix of thoughtful original folk music, fast picking and playing, and lively bluegrass tunes. Beautiful harmonies by Kat Baker and Owen Ragland are complemented by the fiddle, the mandolin and guitar. The young multi instrumentalists keep audiences on their toes with a turntable of instruments, bringing the variety of a string band to the tight knit environment of a duo. The full sound that accompanies the thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies of Kat’s songs ranges from tender to downright fun. The eclectic mix of old-time roots, Americana sounds, and "stellar picking" truly creates a unique experience.

The group was formed in 2020 while Kat and Owen were weathering the pandemic in their studio apartment (they are dating, not siblings!). Owen has been playing fiddle since he was a small child, and you may recognize him from groups such as The Brothers Strong, The Risky Biscuits, Jimbo Scott, and Grover Anderson. His gritty, lean-in style puts an accent on bluegrass and old time fiddle that is unlike any other. Along with a deep catalog of heartfelt and catchy original songs, Kat brings to the table a voice that is strong and of the old-time tradition, yet entirely unique. You will also get to hear her pick the mandolin, guitar, and play the frailing banjo, all of which she does with a grace and playfulness that is warming to hear.

Spring 2024

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 27th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival