Camping Expansion & Dust Abatement underway at Westside

In preparation for Fall Strawberry, set to begin in just 51 days, camping is being expanded into more scenic parts and secluded parts of Westside.  Countless new sites are being groomed around sprawling oaks, nestled into wooded folds, and perched along winding hillside trails that offer vistas of the millpond and the mountains beyond .  Vast supplies of wood chips have been reground and are being piled to provide nice ground cover and help keep the dust down.  Any one of these new campsites could be your home away from home over Labor Day weekend.  With improvements taking place daily, we’ll be providing updates and photos often.  Stay tuned for a photo series on the rusty relics of Westside and Tuolumne, hitting the stands tomorrow.

Spring 2025

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 26th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival