Westside was like a diamond in the rough when the first time the Strawberry Music Festival was held there, in 2015. Every year since, we have seen steady improvements made to the site, but this year, in particular, tremendous changes have been made to significantly increase attendee comfort. In addition to the dramatic transformation of the grounds, festival programming is being adapted to create the best experience for the public, in performance and activity areas. More details, photos, video, and the updated festival map are on the way. This year’s fourth return of the Fall Festival is sure to be the best yet!

  • Inside the fenced perimeter of the Westside Pavilion, the Music Meadow has been transformed into a park like setting with acres of lush, green lawn seating. The food court is more accessible, there is a nice dining area with picnic tables, there are two new hydration stations, and the whole area has been tastefully landscaped to accentuate Westside’s natural beauty.
  • The big, enclosed tent that we used for the Play Stage last year is becoming the Big Bear Stage in its new and improved location on the corner of Turnback Loop. Besides hosting performance workshops and programs such as the Breakfast Club in the morning and Amy’s Orchid Lounge for late night, this venue is also going to be an air conditioned cooling station, during the day.
  • The Kids Program and the Play Stage are moving to the east end of Goodnight Moon Meadow. This location is a beautiful, tree lined space, with lots of shaded space for folks to spread out and enjoy programs on the Play Stage, including the Sunday morning Revival.
  • The Safety & Security Command Post is also moving and will be more accessible to campers this year. This year’s layout changes will create a downtown corridor, with a majority of festival programming lined up along the main boulevard that extends from the Main Stage, to the new location of the Kids Program and Play Stage, at the east end of Goodnight Moon Meadow.
  • Layout changes have helped us to create lots more great space for RVs to camp at the western, tree lined edge of the Day parking lot, conveniently located near stages and activities.
  • Potable water is being expanded much farther into more remote camping areas.
  • In addition to the large air conditioned cooling station at the Big Bear Stage, there will be several misting stations located between the Main Stage and the Kids Program/Play Stage.

The incredible potential for Westside to be a premier performance and camping event venue is being realized. Continued development is planned, especially in camping areas, every year to come. In just a few more years, the Westside dam will be restored and Turnback creek will, once again, become an incredible body of water for recreation, right at the heart of the site. Westside is very special, with lots of natural beauty, and a richly layered history and Strawberry is very grateful for all of the hard work that is being put into to making this jewel shine as an outstanding place for outdoor entertainment.

Here are some pictures of the new spot for Strawberry’s Kids Program, the Play Stage, and the Sunday morning Revival:

Spring 2024

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 27th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival