We have spent a considerable amount of time working to improve this year’s entry procedure to ensure that it is comfortable, fun, and—above all else—safe for everyone involved. 

Please do not arrive early OR line up/park on McCourtney Road. 

If you arrive 30 minutes early, we will send you down the road to wait in a parking lot. However, if you come 10 minutes early, we will graciously guide you to the Penalty Lane. Please do not create a hazardous or uncourteous situation by lining up or parking along McCourtney Road prior to the approved arrival time stated on your ticket.

The Penalty Lane will be serviced last. Everyone who arrives on time (at or after the arrival/pre-banding time on your ticket) will be processed and banded first and then, and only then, will the Penalty Lane be processed and banded. 

We will also have more signage this year to help advertise this new rule, but we leave it to you to understand that we are more strict about this than ever. Please arrive at or after the arrival/pre-banding time listed on your ticket. This applies to all staff, vendors, volunteers, and patrons.

JUST ANNOUNCED! Musical guests Cactus Bob and Prairie Flower will be serenading attendees during the wait. Please tune your radios to 88.3 FM for live reporting from Hog Ranch Radio.

Thank you!

Spring 2024

Strawberry Music Festival
May 22nd - 27th

Nevada County Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA


Strawberry Music Festival