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Multi-time IBMA Award winner, and 2019 Momentum Instrumentalist of the year, Tray Wellington is a banjo virtuoso making waves — his latest album Black Banjo has caught the ears of Bluegrass Situation, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and most impressively, the Strawberry Music Festival!

Furthermore, The Tray Wellington Band stretches the bluegrass moniker with bossa nova, jazz, and blues, and deftly captures the hearts of newgrass aficionados with a love for acoustic genre-bending. (Yep, we dig that.)

Join us in enthusiastically welcoming them to Strawberry this spring! The music meadow beckons.



Their music is magic, and their energy contagious. Together, these self-named “song witches,” Erin Chapin, Caitlin Gowdey and Vanessa May, create “gorgeous folk alchemy.” (San Francisco Chronicle.)

We’re thrilled that these vivid, west coast originals, Rainbow Girls, will return to Strawberry this year. “A gang of sweet angels punching you in the heart.” Yes, please.

Here’s a Rainbow Girls tribute to the late, great, David Crosby.

For more Rainbow Girls:


How’s about a little dose of sunshine? From Peoria, Illinois, The Way Down Wanderers play original, infectious, sophisticated roots-pop that will bring you a smile. These boys have a kind of big-hearted, humble swagger to aspire to!

“Somewhere on the spectrum between Old Crow Medicine Show and Mumford and Sons lies the spirited bluegrass-based artistry of The Way Down Wanderers. It is joyful, daring and occasionally sublime.” – Associated Press

“The Way Down Wanderers’ intricate, hypnotic rhythms call to mind ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ more than bluegrass traditional.” – Rolling Stone Country

We’re super happy to welcome these exciting experimenters to the music meadow this spring for their long awaited debut, originally planned for the canceled 2020 festival.

For more on the Wanderers:

Strawberry Camping

photo by Robin Frenette

Like gypsies with their homes piled into caravans of Are We There Yet
Hearts on wheels waltz through woods and burst with
tarps, tents, canopies, chairs, tables, tapestries
Camp Believe It, Camp Believe It’s Not Butter, Campelot, Camp Escape, 
where to camp? Camp With Us 
old friends greet new friends, we speak Berry
frying pans sizzle pancakes, quesadillas, bacon, wanna waffle?
Hog’s on the radio, kids on their bikes, program’s over…there 
Bocce ball, where’s my hat? Night fall, did you see that?
Gotta catch Sam, porta potty slam
Banjos, guitars, mandos, sitars, Happy All-Hours
Strawberry Jam – thick, sugary and spread all over
that smiling face of yours.

photo by Kate Skogen
photo by Tim Van Raam

We Camp Wait to see our Strawberry Campers this spring, Camp You Tell?

Do you have a line to add to our nascent poetic tribute? Puh-lease, comment away!

In addition to your additions, maybe you’d like to send us some photos and info on your camp for the camp gallery, or perhaps take a walk down memory lane with some camp photos?


Rock in Road Inc. is a CA non-profit with a vision to nurture creative expression that inspires a sense of culture, community and personal engagement by partnering with individuals and groups that embrace the spirit of the Strawberry Way! 

Be it through education and experience in music, songwriting, dance, broadcasting, recording, comedy, games, arts, crafts and/or food, Rock in Road Inc. aims to cultivate relationships that are inclusive to all people from all walks of life. 

In sum…Educate! Entertain! Celebrate!

2022 projects included putting on the Breakfast Club at Strawberry,  the 4th Annual Band Stand Concert, the Columbia Fiddle and Bango Contest, and the DeLacy Memorial Golf Tournament.

Rock in Road Inc. operates through donations and volunteers! You can donate at the link below to help extend what all of us have created at Strawberry into the larger world. 

To Donate:
For more on Rock in Road:


Blissfully slimed by their presence for nearly 40 festivals, Strawberry is proud to welcome back the Banana Slug String Band next year!

Can you believe that Doug Dirt, Airy Larry, Marine Mark and Solar Steve have been Environmentally Edutaining at festivals, schools, camps and more for 38 years? 

We absolutely LOVE that all those Water Cycle Boogie pirouettes, Ants conga lines, and frolics of the Sluganian Professor have fostered multiple generations of earth and music lovers – you can spot’em lining up with their Moose moves at Strawberry Slug shows!

If you can’t wait till Spring, go online and get yourself some Santa Slug — Slug Music, Songbooks or hand-dyed T-shirts (Adults and Kids)! 

Love the Slugs? They love you, too. (Aw, we feel so warm and slimy.)  

More on the Slugs:


Over the last 40 years so many things have changed in so many ways. But, believe it or not, camping has pretty much stayed the same! Here’s a list of things we feel are “must haves” as well as some things that we feel are important at the festival.

  • Your TICKETS
  • Tent
  • Shade canopy
  • Ground cover
  • Mattress/sleeping pad
  • Bedding or sleeping bag & pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Camp Stove
  • Camp lantern
  • Camp table
  • Camp chairs
  • Face Covering (worn over the face and nose to prevent transmission of COVID-19)
  • Shade canopy
  • Water jugs/wagon (for carrying water back to camp)
  • Spray bottle (great for keeping cool on warm days)
  • Clothing for warm days and cool nights
  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle/mug, plate & utensils (for re-use in camp and at the Food Court)
  • Portable FM Radio (for listening to Hog Ranch Radio in camp)
  • Rain gear (Just in case)
  • Soap and Towel
  • Ear Plugs
  • Cup or container for drinks (no glass is allowed on the Music Meadow)
  • Wagon (very handy for hauling gear around and sleeping kids back from the Music Meadow)
  • Musical instruments (for jamming with friends and neighbors)


Mumbo Gumbo makes such a delicious musical stew, you’ll be dancing your heart out with the spoon still in hand!  Their pot ‘o’ genre-bending Americana is full of spice, verve, and creative depth, with 9 albums under their belts.

Come whip it up with this powerhouse band of 31 years and countless happy audiences! They’ll be cookin on Friday at 1:45pm.

Read and listen at:

Buy tickets online at:
Contact us directly, M-W, 10-4 at (209)984-8630 or

Announcement – Camping Passes and 1 Day tickets are SOLD OUT

We are excited to announce that we are at maximum capacity with camping and we have completely sold out of 1 day tickets! We are excited that we will be enjoying another Strawberry Music Festival with all our friends who are able to attend!

Get your dancing shoes on, open up your ear-balls and shake away the blues!
Happy Strawberry!

All attendees must use CrowdPass to verify COVID-19 requirements prior to arrival. Please read the updated COVID-19 Policy which includes the link to register and step by step instructions to verify with CrowdPass.
If you have questions or need assistance, please call the office at (209) 984-8630 or email, open M-Th, 10-4pm.


From Asheville, North Carolina, the Steep Canyon Rangers are GRAMMY winning, Billboard Chart-topping, damn-fine musicians also known for their collaborations with banjoist (and comedian) Steve Martin. They are the final act of our Saturday evening at Strawberry!

The Rangers are made up of Woody Platt on guitar and vocals, Graham Sharp on banjo and vocals, Mike Guggino on mandolin/mandola and vocals, Nicky Sanders on fiddle and vocals, Mike Ashworth on drums and vocals, and Barrett Smith on bass and vocals.
Check out their sublime version of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James,” live at Merlefest.
To read and hear more:

Buy tickets online at:
Contact us directly, M-F, 10-4 at (209)984-8630 or