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As Watkins Family Hour’s first project since a self-titled debut album in 2015, brother sister is the latest, duo-centric undertaking by the accomplished siblings, Sean Watkins and Sara Watkins.

The busy Los Angeles-based musicians carved out time to write with each other, often during the nap-time of Sara’s toddler. Their schedule was limited for the studio, too, as Sean explains, “We didn’t have that much time and that made it fun and exciting. It was just us, in one room, facing each other with some really great mics, often playing and singing at the same time, trying to capture what Sara and I do in a real way.”

Give a listen to a tune from brother sister called Fake Badge, Real Gun, below, and don’t miss their sure-to-be magical, in-the-moment, Saturday evening set, at Strawberry!
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He’s played with everyone. He’s toured everywhere. He leaps tall buildings with virtuosic musicianship. And, he’s been doing it for 50 years!!

David and his Quintet will have new stuff, old stuff, traditional stuff, weird stuff…it’s their first time touring West in two years, and we are so ready. Join us in warmly welcoming back the David Bromberg Quintet on Sunday evening at 8:30, at Strawberry!
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Festival gates open in just 13 days and we are super excited to see you all there soon!

· Adult Camping and 1-Day tickets are going fast and will sell out in advance of the festival. At the current rate, we expect to sell out of adult Camping and 1-Day tickets, in approximately one week. Available ticket types can be purchased online 24/7 or at (209) 984-8630 on M-Th, 10am-4pm. There is still great camping space available right now, so do not wait to confirm your part in this epic reunion of family and friends and Strawberry’s 40th Anniversary celebration!

· We do not ever sell out of child or teen tickets. Adult camping tickets can be upgraded at the Box Office for the difference in ticket cost. Upgrades and Child/Teen tickets can be purchased at the festival gate ONLY from 10am – 10pm daily, starting on Wednesday, May 25th.

· The deadline to order available ticket types and receive them in the mail is Monday, May 16th. Tickets ordered after midnight on Monday, May 16th will be held at Will Call and can be picked up at the festival Box Office (with a photo ID) 24 hours daily, starting at 10am on Wednesday, May 25th. Everyone in your vehicle must have the appropriate ticket type in hand, to participate in Pre-Banding on Tuesday, May 24th. For more information about Pre-Banding, please read Strawberry’s NEW Entrance Plan for Spring 2022 and note that all attendees will enter through Gate 1 to check in (for banding and CrowdPass verification) at our new Box Office location.

· All attendees must use CrowdPass to verify COVID-19 requirements prior to arrival. Please read the updated COVID-19 Policy which includes the link to register and step by step instructions to verify with CrowdPass.

· Spring 2020 Ticket Holders:  If you intend to use your Spring 2020 ticket credit in 2022, please fill out the Spring 2020 Ticket Exchange form as soon as possible and new tickets will be issued. Exchanges will not be processed once Adult Camping and 1-Day tickets are sold out. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the office at (209) 984-8630 or email, open M-Th, 10-4.


Country-folk singer-songwriter Rita Hosking is a longtime member of the Strawberry family, as a camper, volunteer, main-stage performer, emcee, and occasionally…cousin of Rhonda? 
We’ve noticed that sometimes, in place of Rita at Sunday’s Revival, we are treated to her horn-rimmed glassed, pantyhosed, lipstick poppin’ cousin, along with her equally snappily-dressed band, known as Rhonda Hosking and The Original Sinners!
Camper Bruce Hayden captured this shot of them in 2017. Will we spot them at this Revival??
Stay tuned, and don’t you dare miss Rita’s actual-factual set of soul-stirring, Northern California folk on Friday at 12:15pm!
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He first played Strawberry in 2019, and all those good vibes must have brought down the rain. This festival, we can’t wait to have him outdoors, on the main stage on Sunday at 5:30pm! 

Check out his new video, live at the iconic Troubadour in L.A., where Ron Artis II and The Truth perform “Silent Whispers.”  This man is an original soul music master, coming from his heart to yours. 

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We have a new layout for this Strawberry Festival and we are so excited to share it with you.

We expect that this new site plan will have a much better flow for all who are able to attend. Rest assured, the camping areas have stayed exactly the same as well as the site buildings. The Main Stage on the other hand has moved to the opposite side of the Music Meadow. So, where the big ponderosa trees are will now allow ample shade for anyone who needs it towards the back of the Music Meadow. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Strawberry!


The two men sit side-by-side on the stage.  A Pogreba guitar, built by the guy who built the cannon Hunter S. Thompson was shot out of, sits loosely in David’s hands. Bob adjusts the distance to his 1940’s RCA microphone then leans over the box propped open at his side and grabs 2 harmonicas.  They are calm. Poised. The crowd has no idea what they are in for next.

Give a listen to this video of David Jacobs-Strain and Bob Beach, made by Pint of Soul. You just got to hear it –blues, roots, bicoastal, multigenerational beauty. 
Then, treat yourself — Thursday at 12:15pm, main stage at Strawberry! 
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Strawberry is delighted to present one of the Midwest’s most in-demand acoustic acts this spring. It’ll be their berry-debut, and Barbaro is poised to enchant us with their irresistible mix of bluegrass, jazz and chamber music.   

Check out this virtual showcase they made during the pandemic, from the stunning Mabel Tainter Theater in Menomonie, WI.  Then, imagine them playing to the glorious pines (and glorious us) on Sunday, May 29th at 1:30pm!
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