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Weather Watch

Always be Prepared

Camp Mather, where the festival is held, is at about the 4500 feet elevation. As with any other place up in the mountains, weather conditions vary greatly and can change rapidly. In other word, bring your shorts, but also be fully prepared in case of rain or even snow, especially during the Spring festival.

Also, while the weather resources below can give you a general feeling about what the weather will be like, keep in mind that long range forecasts are less than accurate. In fact, any forecast more than 2 or 3 days out is not much better than an educated guess. Remember, a good berryhead is always prepared!

Case in point; both of the photos displayed below are from the same festival (Spring 2002)

For more information on what to bring to the festival so that you will be prepared, you can refer to our What to Pack page.

Weather Forecasts

Satellite Images


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The festival gates open in 2016-05-26 08:00:00 GMT-07:00