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The Strawberry Stroll

The Music Meadow has two types of seating available. General Seating and Tarp Seating. Tarp Seating is on the large green tarp placed in front of the stage by the staff. General Seating starts behind the green "Strawberry Tarp". Both types of seating in Music Meadow are available from 4:00 PM on Thursday and 7:00AM Friday-Sunday. The procedure for placing a chair on the Strawberry Tarp has come to be known as "The Strawberry Stroll". The "Stroll" guidelines are as follows:

  1. The stroll line forms at the Wildflower Meadow entrance to Music Meadow. Stroll staff are available after midnight to assist you. You will be allowed to stroll onto Music Meadow to place your chairs at 7:00AM each morning.

  2. You must be personally present in line. Please do not leave your things unattended.

  3. Tarp seating is first come, first served. Please do not disturb someone else's chair.

  4. You may bring a MAXIMUM of FOUR chairs. No individual tarps are allowed on the Strawberry Tarp.

  5. All chairs backs must be no more than 32" from the top of the chair to the ground and the measurement from the back of the seat to the ground must be 10" or less. This is to insure good viewing for your neighbors. No chaise lounges or hookback chairs.

  6. Any chair not occupied is open for use by anyone until the owner arrives. If you do not want your chair used, please take it with you when you leave the seating area.

  7. Thank you for taking care of the Strawberry Tarp!

Guidelines for both types of seating are:

  1. Individual tarps are allowed in the General Seating area only. Maximum tarp size is 8x12. Please use only the space necessary for your chair and comfort.

  2. THE ENTIRE SEATING AREA IS A NO-SMOKING SECTION. The designated smoking area is located to the right of the Wildflower Meadow entrance to Music Meadow.

  3. To minimize distractions, please refrain from loud talking or unnecessary movement during the performances. Whenever possible, please try to arrive at your seats prior to the beginning of each set (or between songs). No spoons, washboards, etc.

  4. All personal items must be removed from Music Meadow at the end of each evening's show. This helps the cleanup crew and allows the lawn a reprieve. This is strictly enforced.

  5. Please help pick up trash around you and don't forget to recycle.

  6. Please be considerate to those around you.


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