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The Landmarks

There are five important landmarks at Camp Mather (Aerial View) you should acquaint yourself with: the Command Post, the Amphitheatre, the Dining Hall\Amy's Orchid Café, Birch Lake and Music Meadow. When you arrive at the festival you will receive a Schedule of Events that has a map on the back side. You can view the map that is handed out when you arrive at Strawberry in three forms; Small Festival Map or Medium Festival Map and Full Sized Festival Map (2 page PDF).

Command Post

Directly across from the intersection of Evergreen Road and Cherry Lake Road is the Command Post. After you pass through the festival gate, you will be directed to take a right hand turn and then after a short distance you will see the Command Post on your left. The Command Post is open 24 hours a day throughout the festival for security, safety and medical problems. If there is a possibility that you may receive an emergency phone call while at the festival, please stop by the Command Post and report the location of your camp to Strawberry Security.

Within eyeshot of the Command Post you will find the public telephones and the amphitheatre. If you need to hook up with other members of your group, there is a triangular bulletin board just across the road from the Command Post where many people post notes and maps describing where their camps are located.

The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre (located behind the Command Post) is where the musical Workshops take place. These workshops feature main stage artists in an informal setting where they interact with the audience on a musical topic that they have chosen.

The Dining Hall / Amy's Orchid Café

Just beyond the Amphitheatre is the Dining Hall. Each morning a different breakfast is served and the Breakfast Club takes place. Everyone that would like to showcase their talent on stage in the Dining Hall can sign up to do so and in return, they will receive their breakfast for free. The Dining Hall is also the venue for Amy's Orchid Café where musical performances take place on Friday and Saturday nights after the main stage acts finish. Tickets for the Amy's Orchid Café performances are available on the morning of the particular show at the Information Booth located at the back of the Music Meadow.

Birch Lake

Birch Lake is the center of many activities. The large grass area near the lake hosts three days of kids crafts and activities, volleyball, the teen radio station as well as adult activities including nature hikes, yoga, art and movement activities to name a few. Also in the area of the lake are tennis courts and a swimming pool.

The Birch Lake Stage hosts a variety of musical performances during the festival, many of which are oriented towards children. On Sunday morning the Revival at Birch Lake takes place. This special event features a number of main stage artists playing short sets throughout the morning.

The one activity that is not allowed at the lake is frogging. Because the oil on human skin harms both frogs and polywogs, frogging (or polywogging) is strictly forbidden.

Music Meadow

Music Meadow is where the main stage is located. On the way into Music Meadow you will pass through the Concessions Area where all the food vendors are located. Just outside of the Concessions area is the Medical Tent. To the left as you enter Music Meadow you will find the T-shirt, Preserves and CD booths. Once inside Music Meadow, you will see Hog Ranch Radio, just off to the right side of the stage, and along the back of Music Meadow you will find the Artisan Tent, the drink booth (which also sells ice) and the Information Booth (where lost and found is located and where you can purchase tickets for the after hours events at Amy's Orchid Café)


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